Why buy Properties in Samui?


Koh Samui is a paradise island, one of the jewels in the land of smiles, famed for its world class white sandy beaches, tropical climate, lush unspoiled interior and the hospitality of its people. Its seas are serene and calm, with year-round swimming, fabulous sunsets and picturesque off-islands.Not surprisingly Koh Samui has become an extremely popular tourist destination and has attracted the attention of many expatriates who value its peacefulness and sheer beauty, and who have realized their dream of having a home on the island and enjoying the wonderful lifestyle that goes with it.

Apart from the immediate benefits of living on an attractive tropical island, Samui has a great deal to offer.



The island has a moderate, extremely sunny climate throughout the year; its natural beauty is kept intact and the vegetation and jungle are ever green.




Samui’s great location is made more attractive as it’s easily accessible with no hassle. The island is served by both boats and planes, making it exceptionally easy to get to the surrounding islands, the mainland, the capital and its neighbors, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Burma and Laos. There are also direct flights from Koh Samui international airport to Hong Kong, Singapore and China as well as to all of Thailand’s major destinations. Many travelers fly into Samui throughout the year to visit this famous and exotic world-class tourist destination.


Expansion of tourism

Koh Samui has less risk of natural disasters when compared to places like Phuket. This has resulted in the expansion of tourism and the increase in the number of expatriates on Koh Samui, which in turn has led to growth in the building of resorts, bungalows, houses and luxury private villas on the island. This economic growth has attracted many businesspeople from both East and West. They’ve invested in Koh Samui and it has become Thailand’s second largest resort business after Bangkok, overtaking Phuket.



Koh Samui has a truly international flavor as people from all over the world continue to make it their home. With so many different nationalities present on the island, it’s easy for residents to make friends with people from many different countries.

Thailand is one of the most welcoming countries in the world and Thai people are known for their friendliness and their great acceptance of other cultures.



Thai food is filled with magnificent flavors and spices, and is popular amongst many residents. Those who come to Samui can also enjoy other international cuisines, as there are a plethora of restaurants specializing in French, Italian, Greek, Brazilian, Japanese and Mexican foods, amongst others.



Despite a serious upgrade that has created a more family-oriented feel to the island, it’s also a place to party and have fun, and there is a huge selection of bars and clubs.



Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s largest islands. It’s part of an archipelago of some 70 islands, which include the Angthong National Marine Park. The region boasts crystal clear water, thousands upon thousands of colorful tropical fish, long sandy beaches and is great for island-hopping. Snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the favorite water sports amongst residents, as well as windsurfing and kayaking.

Apart from beaches and water sports, the island has tropical green forests, beautiful mountains, marvelous waterfalls, coves, bays and standing stones. And naturally, Koh Samui’s sunny climate makes living here even more enticing.


Low cost of living

As with the rest of Thailand, Koh Samui benefits from a low cost of living, while simultaneously more and more luxury services, great health care and international schools become available, making Koh Samui one of the most financially versatile and convenient places to live in Asia. For those on a tight budget a reasonable standard of living is very attainable and those who enjoy indulging in luxury can equally have their needs met and requirements fulfilled.



Because of these benefits, a growing number of people from all around the world are considering living permanently on this idyllic island. The good news is despite some restrictions, purchasing a property in Koh Samui is relatively easy. The laws pertaining to land and property ownership are fairly comprehensible. Not surprisingly, real estate brokers in Thailand are predicting that the prices of properties on the island will soon increase significantly.