Guide to Choosing Koh Samui Real Estate for Sale

koh samui real estate for sale

Buying properties is one of the things businessmen are being busy with in Koh Samui. Because the island is consistently attracting visitors from many different parts of the globe, there is a high demand for accommodations.

Being a top tourist spot, it is in great need of alternatives to hotels and resorts, especially during tourist peak season. If you have a huge sum of money going idle and you want to invest it somewhere low risk, you may consider buying a Koh Samui real estate for sale. You may be thinking that you lack the experience or real estate isn’t exactly your thing. However, you can take inspiration from a lot of novice individuals who actually benefitted in investing their money on properties. Check out these no-nonsense tips to get you started in making it big in Thailand real estate.

Don’t settle.

Among the considerations in choosing Koh Samui real estate for sale is the budget. Sometimes, you will find a property that you absolutely like but it costs more than what your budget will allow. In this case, deliberate. Will you really be satisfied if you settle for a cheaper property that does not meet all your preferences? If not, get some financial aid to be able to afford the place that you really like. It is better to buy something that you absolutely love than pay for something cheaper but less than satisfactory.

Get cozy with Koh Samui real estate agents.

The people who you should be talking to if you are pretty serious in taking the real estate gamble are the experts—the real estate agents. These people make money out of providing properties to those who want them. They are the ones who can provide you with numerous options and help you pinpoint the exact property that you have in mind.

Define your purpose.

If you purchase a Koh Samui real estate for sale, what will it be for? Will you set it up for rent? Will it be your own vacation home? Will it be a permanent residence? The answer to these can help you narrow down your choices and help you figure out other related considerations.

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How big?

The size of the property you will be buying is again a decision factor. If it is for personal use, this will be influenced by the size of your family or the number of guests you imagine to have on a regular basis. If it is to be for rent, it will be related to the kind of market you wish to target. If you like it to be marketed as a honeymoon villa, a two bedroom unit is okay. If it is to be something for bigger gatherings, then you need a bigger place and a bigger budget.

Go on ocular visits.

Don’t rush into anything when buying a property for sale. Don’t buy anything you see on the pictures. You have to actually visit the place to be able to make proper assessments. If possible, list all the properties that managed to catch your interest and visit all of them.

Settle your finances.

Decide on how you will pay for this and work out to make sure everything is okay before you commit to buy.

Consult your family.

If this is to be a holiday home or Koh Samui real estate for personal use, ask everyone’s input. Survey the size of the rooms, the surrounding areas, and the features of the property.


Go with knock out features.

When you buy a property and you are fairly sure that you’d want to set it up for rent, invest on the features. Swimming pools, great views, spacious grounds both inside and outside—-these are some of the things you need to look out for. This is important as for holiday rentals, you’d have to market the property several times. In other words, it has to be universally appealing, and it has to have features that tourists look out for in vacation rentals.

Think about the next process.

The actual purchase process is easy once you complete the paperwork, are okay with the price and are satisfied with the property. The next step is also important. For those who are buying a property for holiday rentals, start thinking about the furnishings, the advertisement of the place, the staffs you will hire, and the kind of service you’d be providing. Also, think about the interiors and set it up to be ready for its guests.

Have one last look.

Before you sign anything, take a look at the place again. This step is very important and will help you know for sure if you will be buying the right property for you.

Interested in Koh Samui real estate for sale? Talk to an expert today and find your own property in Samui.

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