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Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s fastest growing tourist capitals. Its many secluded beaches, fine dining restaurants, upscale establishments, and temples, make it appealing to guests who would like to slow down a bit and have a relaxing break. It is for this reason that Koh Samui real estate is doing really well. It is safe to say that one can make a good profit if he makes really wise decisions and venture into the local real estate. Koh Samui has the demand, what with all the visitors coming to visit the island.

A good way to be successful in Koh Samui real estate is to understand the prevailing market. This will help you pinpoint exactly which aspects of the island’s real estate you want to spend your money and energy on.

People who are on the island for a short holiday

There are guests who are solely in Samui to have a vacation. When on a short holiday, people are more extravagant and are more willing to burn money since they will only be in Samui for a limited time. These people usually have very tight schedules and may have waited a long time to have a vacation—as a couple or with the whole family. Luxury Koh Samui holiday rentals are very popular among this group. Because being in Koh Samui is a rare treat for them, they expect to experience the best service and the best accommodations. If you want to target this group, you have to choose a really good location and invest in quality home furnishings. You also have to make sure that the rooms are spacious and the amenities are extra luxurious. Guests are always willing to pay for top notch service, great views, and excellent amenities.

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Couples who are getting married in Samui

Another interesting market of the local real estate is engaged couples who are looking for wedding venues. Because the island is now a popular wedding destination, the demand for Koh Samui villa rentals meant for celebrations is high. If you are to target this market you should invest in:

  • A romantic villa, preferably at the beach – Couples who are in Thailand to get married are after a beach wedding, at least most of them. Know that a beachfront wedding villa will always be booked.
  • A huge area with a well-maintained landscape – For weddings and celebrations, the property area should be big enough to accommodate the guests. In addition, since wedding means lots of photos, the landscape is expected to be picture perfect and very appealing. You also need to think about including a common area for the ceremony and the reception.
  • State of the art multi-media system – If you are to invest in a villa or a property designed for celebration, you need to think about the music, video, and other media facilities.
  • Luxurious guest bathrooms – People remember luxurious bathrooms and if there is an occasion where you need to show off, it is a wedding. Make sure the baths are spacious and all the fixtures are working well. The location of these bathrooms also matter. They should be accessible and easily located.
  • Great scenery – Couples would prefer a place that has great scenery. Make sure that you choose a location with mind blowing vistas and great views. Sunset views will be a bonus as most couples would prefer getting married at sunset.

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Guests who are on an extended stay

There are guests who decide to be on the island for a number of weeks or months—-whether for leisure or for business. For this market, accessibility is the key. Most guests who are on the island for an extended stay are usually not first timers. These are people who have been to the island before and are over the usual sightseeing and exploration activities. This means that they are more practical with their choices and would prefer something that may be not as lavish, but still presentable. Condominium units for rent are the usual choice of these guests. For them, the priority is usually a good price and the proximity of the place to common places of interests such as shopping centers, hospitals, ATM booths, medium priced dining places, and the like. Again, these people are also big markets of the Koh Samui real estate.

People who are planning to live in Samui for good

Of course, there are also those who have specifically chosen the island as the location of their dream residence. These people have either fell in love with Samui or have found a home in Samui because work brought them here. Couples who are starting out, early retirees, and a family, are what comprise this market. 2-3 bedroom bungalows, condominium units, and secluded villas are the most in-demand Koh Samui real estate for them. Accessibility, a comfortable neighborhood, and easy transportation, are among the qualities people look for in a permanent residence.

Understanding these different markets will make your venture in Koh Samui real estate a successful and profitable venture for you. If you are interested about choosing Koh Samui real estate for sale, Read our real estate guide here.

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